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Fresh Energy For The Business-Minded Gamer

You have been gaming or streaming for years, so it hardly seems like an emerging technology. While you may be a tech-savvy gamepreneur with ideas of your own to add to the industry, you may require support to push your passion to the next level as a business savvy Youngpreneur.

Generating income from a business you love is not a fantasy. Gaming is a billion-dollar industry in Washington. With the assistance of an experienced business and commercial law attorney, you can take the next steps to build a firm foundation for your business.

Attorney Brett Harris founded Virgo Law® to do what he loves best: helping others realize their business goals in the gaming industry. He can assist you if you are into developing:

  • Video games
  • Entertainment software
  • Interactive media
  • Esports programs
  • Role-playing games
  • Proprietary operating systems
  • Traditional gameboards

Brett will provide the counsel, advice, and representation you need to transform your idea from concept to an established business. He also offers assistance for streamers seeking sponsorships and endorsements.

Protect Your Game Plan With A Business Plan

Will you establish a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or an S corporation? There are distinct tax benefits to each type of entity. Will you have a board of directors and shareholders? Will you have collaborative partners, advisory boards, and employees?

The myriad aspects of business and commercial law can be daunting to business owners and those thinking of starting up a gaming enterprise without an experienced attorney’s assistance. Brett offers innovative yet practical strategies and knowledgeable legal representation. He brings his clients relevant experience from having worked for distinctly successful businesses before establishing Virgo Law® . Brett was an attorney for Boeing and has also worked with an AMLAW 100 firm. He also provides legal counsel and services to small businesses affiliated with Communities Rise, a nonprofit organization.

Speak To A Highly Respected Business Attorney

Brett builds authentic, long-term relationships with his clients. He is a highly respected attorney who works hard to help his clients succeed. Call his office in Seattle at 425.274.3969 or send him an email to schedule a consultation. Brett offers his clients flat-free rates.