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Establish A Firm Foundation To Build Your Business

The arc of success for a business relies on timing, customer service, and a firm foundation. But even if you built your business on the fly, it is never too late to shore up the building blocks. If you are currently operating as a sole proprietor or partnership, there are distinct tax advantages to establishing a limited liability company or one of several types of corporations, especially as your business grows.

You can look for information on state and federal government websites and hope you get the correct information. But it is a business-savvy step to speak with an experienced business and commercial law attorney to get the whole picture. Legal advice for navigating through Seattle’s complicated regulations can give your business the protection it needs to succeed in the marketplace. 

Virgo Law Offers Distinct Advantages

Suppose you are still in the idea phase of your business. In that case, it is critical to stop and assess whether the market could use another similar business or if the market is already saturated. A preliminary risk analysis of entering certain markets or industries could save you from avoidable long-term financial losses.

If you are already scoring high on cash flow but have not gotten around to naming your business and registering it with Washington’s Secretary of State, or making a plan for the future, now is the time. The future growth and viability of your business depend on it. A profitable business is an asset you may sell when you are ready to retire but can be difficult without foundational elements.

At Virgo Law , attorney Brett Harris offers a full spectrum of legal assistance for existing business and startups, including:

  • Business plans
  • Entity formation
  • Obtaining a federal ID number
  • Licensing
  • Permits
  • Contract drafting
  • Contract review
  • Reporting methods
  • Dispute resolution
  • Copyright and trademark law
  • Managing growth
  • State and federal regulation compliance
  • Networking with tax accountants

At Virgo Law , you will work with an experienced business and commercial law attorney who is as passionate about your business succeeding as you are.

Give Your Business The Future It Deserves

Whether you are starting a business, buying or selling an existing business, or need to strengthen your current business, Brett’s experience and knowledge can help you make the process a smooth one. Call Virgo Law in Seattle at 425.274.3969 or send an email through this secure website for a consultation to learn more about the law firm’s legal services.