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Virgo Law provides fresh energy for business-minded individuals and groups throughout the Puget Sound region. Attorney Brett Harris offers legal advocacy for those interested in creating traditional commercial services and for emerging technology ventures. He works with tech-savvy think-tanks, creative youngpreneurs, gamepreneurs, writers, painters, musicians, bakers, baristas, and anyone in between who wants their business to thrive.

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Business and commercial law

Business and Commercial Law

Trademark And Copyright law

Trademark and Copyright Law

Gaming Entrepreneurship

Gaming Entrepreneurship

Regulation And Risk Analysis Management Matters

The absence of state tax and its central location makes Washington fertile ground for business-minded individuals and corporations. But generating real income from your business idea takes an effective strategy.

Risk analysis of entering certain markets or industries is often essential. Your business plan must include critical elements such as naming your business, entity formation, contracts, metrics for tracking returns on investments, structure for budget management and expenditure tracking, monitoring sales of services or products, methods for reporting operational costs, managing input of new ideas, and attention to state and federal regulations.

Brett offers innovative strategies, knowledgeable business planning guidance, and experienced legal representation to clients throughout The Puget Sound Region.

Monetizing Abstract Concepts To Winning Business Platforms

Your business mission may range from earning an income while making the world a better place, reinventing esports, crafting traditional gameboards, daring to develop proprietary operating systems, creating video games, entertainment software, interactive media for role-playing, gaming or generating other complex applications. While not every original concept qualifies for copyright protection, if you do not take the steps to obtain available state and federal protection, you could lose the right to gain potential income.

Working with an experienced business law attorney can provide the guidance you need to move abstract concepts to tangible cash returns. Remember, you may be a streamer, but you are not the only one. Contact Virgo Law to speak with an experienced attorney who provides the legal assistance you may be seeking.

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Meet Brett

Talk About Strategy And Winning Concepts With Your Lawyer

Attorney Brett Harris brings his clients robust insight from having worked for powerful companies in Seattle before establishing his own law firm. Prior to founding Virgo Law, he was an attorney for Boeing where he focused on contract management, licensing and compliance matters. In addition, Brett worked with AMLAW 100 firm, Gordon Rees Scully & Mansukhani, one of the top 100 law firms in the country. He has also assisted small businesses with a range of legal issues through a nonprofit called Communities Rise.